Kellie Poundall Outlines her Career Path

You’ve been promoted to the post of Operations Manager- how are you finding your new role and what adjustments have you had to make?

I was previously an Area Manager so I had a good understanding of the venues which has obviously helped in the transition. Having said that you have to look at things in a more global sense, you have to be on top of all of the detail involved in overseeing a large number of venues and communications have to be spot on. It’s very important to be a good and effective communicator.

When you joined the business did you see it as a job or as a career?

I joined the business in 2016. I’d always been in the leisure industry and I saw the move into AGCs as the next logical step on my career path.

What skills do you think are required to have a successful career in high street gaming entertainment?

That’s a big question because I think there’s so many – based on the fact that no two days are the same. I’ve mentioned communication skills and they are absolutely essential. It’s clear that you have to be a team player, you have to like people and have an outgoing personality. As well as interpersonal skills I think you need to have some core beliefs for example a commitment to safer gambling – which is part of the company DNA – and a passion for delivering a positive customer experience. Our customers are paying for entertainment and to meet up with their friends in a nice and pleasant environment. Our job is to make sure that we deliver that experience on a consistent basis.

Coinslot, the industry magazine, ran a feature on women working at a senior level within gaming/amusements – do you think more women now see gaming as providing a career path?

Yes, and I would like to think that the more positive articles women read such as the one in Coinslot, the more they will be inspired to follow a career in this business. If you are dedicated and you show that you can get things done to a high standard then you will progress – that’s certainly the case in MERKUR.

Would you recommend a career in gaming to a female school or college leaver – and if so, how would you sell it?

Absolutely! I would explain that there’s numerous career paths – for example machine sales, operations, HR, marketing as well as the consumer-facing roles in the venues. It’s fast moving, exciting and as I said no two days are the same. From my experience I have not encountered any glass ceilings – if you are dedicated and good enough women can enjoy a rewarding and super successful career in gaming.