Natalia Placzek has Raced Through the Ranks

You’ve been promoted to the post of Operations Manager- how are you finding your new role and what adjustments have you had to make?

Taking the next step in my career path was about zooming out from my previous role as Area Manager covering Oxfordshire, Bucks, Leicestershire and Warwickshire and taking a much broader approach, seeing the business from a wider perspective. It has been crucial to create a network of solid and interdependent relationships throughout the team and the organisation as a whole.

When you joined the business did you see it as a job or as a career?

I joined the company in 2009 and I have to be honest I saw it then as a holiday job to support me explore a new country and learn a new culture having arrived in the UK from Poland. At the time I did not expect it to be a path for my future career; however, the longer I stayed and the more I learned about the business the more I liked what I was doing. It ticked a lot of boxes and brought out a passion and determination to progress, to grow with the business and to build a career. I still really like the fact that I am working for an ambitious organisation in an exciting industry.

What skills do you think are required to have a successful career in high street gaming entertainment?

It is a people business which means it’s important to be an active listener. On top of that you need empathy, compassion, a positive outlook, strong communication skills and self-motivation. You need to be both a leader and a team player, decisive and flexible – I could go on!

Coinslot, the industry magazine, ran a feature on women working at a senior level within gaming/amusements – do you think more women now see gaming as providing a career path and what advice would you give them?

I would say to any women contemplating a career in gaming that If interacting with people is a passion and customer service comes from your heart, it’s an excellent choice. Working in a fast-paced, growing organisation, we are in a position where there’s a huge number of career opportunities in which professional development and personal growth are guaranteed. The gaming industry is a fun and entertaining business so it’s a great environment to work in. Go for it!