Nadia’s career path is a Blueprint for success!

When you combine skill, insight, dedication and good old fashioned hard-work the sky’s the limit for the team at MERKUR UK!

The low-stake gambling entertainment industry has a track-record of recognising those individuals who possess the skills, determination and hard work necessary to rise through the ranks.

Latvia born Nadia Volosina is a case in point.

Joining Blueprint Operations just a decade ago as an Accounts Assistant, Nadia has secured no fewer than six promotions and in 2022 was appointed to her current position as Operations Director, a post which includes responsibility for a team of 30.

However, it hasn’t been a straightforward career path to navigate. Nadia takes-up the story: “When I moved to the UK, I quickly realised that my degree which I gained in Latvia wasn’t widely accepted and my level of English wasn’t proficient enough to obtain what I regarded as being any serious job” she explained.

“So, for six-months I invested all my spare time taking English lessons, I then spent a further two years working towards achieving an HND in Business.”

Looking back, Nadia acknowledges that they were challenging times. “I had a full-time job, a small baby to look after and was attending college a few times per week. They were certainly character forming years!

“Once I finished the HND I uploaded my CV and was contacted by an employment agency regarding the Accounts Assistant position at Blueprint, which at the time was the most junior role in the company.”

Having been interviewed by Sophie Pope who herself has progressed through the company from Finance Manager to her current post as Finance Director, Nadia was offered the job and hasn’t looked back. “I put a lot of effort into finding the right opening and I actually received three employment offers that week” she recalled.

“I was impressed by what I’d seen of the industry and even though the salary was less than the other two offers, I made the decision to join Blueprint.

“The industry was completely new to me but I found it fascinating. Compared to my previous job which was working in a warehouse, gaming was and still is unbelievably exciting!”

Grateful for the support she has received throughout her decade with Blueprint Nadia believes the company has provided her with all of the opportunities required to be successful including assistance in completing her professional accountancy qualifications. She noted: “What helped me enormously was to have mentors from within the business, such as MERKUR UK General Manager Sascha Blodau and Blueprint Operations MD David Purvis who shared their industry insight and experience.

“Reaching my 10th anniversary with the company is a clear sign that things are going pretty well and I would say the support that I’ve been given to develop my career has contributed to my sense of well-being and to my connection with the company.

“In the same way that my colleagues have been prepared to invest in me I’m delighted to be able to mentor members of my team and help them to be the best possible versions of themselves.

“Whilst there’s always going to be room for improvement, I think Blueprint in particular and the low-stake gambling industry in general recognise those people with energy who bring something different to the table and who are prepared to work extremely hard.

“When I came to the UK, I was shy and lacking in confidence: not for a minute did I imagine that I would be able to follow such a varied and rewarding career path.”