Regal’s investment in technology is a major support to Britain’s pub sector

Regal has undertaken a small but significant change to its corporate identity – one which reflects its status as a progressive, data-led supplier of Business Intelligence to the pub sector. Operative from February the company has transitioned from the traditional Regal Gaming and Leisure to its new title – Regal Gaming Technologies.

Explaining the rationale for the name change, joint-managing director, Matt Bicknell said: “Over recent years our business has changed significantly and while the core objective of putting the very best, most entertaining games on the market for the enjoyment of consumers remains uppermost, the process by which we maximise income for the pub sector has been transformed and that’s mainly due to our on-going investment in technology.”

He added: “Over the last 24-months we have harnessed the power of new technologies in order to deploy data and support our customers with the facts they need in order to help drive their machine income. We are uniquely placed to support the pub industry with an unparalleled level of insight and business intelligence that’s extremely detailed and granular. 

“For example, we are able to identify dips and increases in income of any of our sited machines at any time of the day, we can generate service calls pre-empting issues that will impact the machine income and we can even identify the denomination of notes used for each pub venue. The level of detail that’s available means that we can provide licensees with all of the data they require in order to make informed decisions. 

“Essentially, by using technology we provide the information and intelligence that enables us to fulfil the fundamentals of machine operating which is to maximise income on behalf of our customers.” 

Sascha Blodau, General Manager, Merkur UK, believes the on-going investment made by the company has changed the Regal business and the relationship it has with its growing customer base which he believes is now more partnership based and collaborative in nature. He said: “Connecting all of our digital gaming machines to our MARS system has been a game-changer. It means that data can be collated, summarised and analysed in real time, with content and Firmware updates processed at the push of a button. 

“The combination of having a strategic vision alongside the investment and commitment to deliver that vision has accelerated the transformation of Regal from what might have been described as a traditional business to one that’s empowered by technology, hence our new trading name. On a broader level the level of business-critical data that we are able to share with our customers means that we have a closer and more consultative relationship with them which has helped underline the importance of the machine sector in generating income for pubs throughout the country.”