Sustainability Report documents £500m UK investment alongside safer gambling undertakings

MERKUR UK’s Sustainability Report tells a compelling story of social responsibility, job creation and community

MERKUR UK has published the second edition of its Sustainability Report which covers social initiatives undertaken by the Group and the family of UK brands throughout 2023.

Produced by Lee Willows, founder and Executive Chair of ESG Gaming, the report documents the company’s investment in high street economies, its support of community based charities and good causes, its commitment to safer gambling as well as outlining the initiatives it has undertaken to protect the environment.

Sascha Blodau, General Manager of MERKUR UK noted: “MERKUR has invested in excess of £500m in the UK economy, created 2,500 jobs, raised more than £1.2m for charities and led the way with our 360 Safer Gambling Program.

“All of our brands, including those which are not consumer-facing, have passed the audit of Social Responsibility practices undertaken by the internationally recognised G4 accreditation and certification body.

He added: “Outside of the gambling entertainment space we have supported 100 good causes all of which have been nominated by our venue teams, planted 25,000 trees, offset 2,000 tonnes of CO2e and contributed to help sustain a wind farm initiative in Sri Lanka.

“Our pledges for 2024 are to extend the mitigation measures with regard to our carbon footprint, continue to be audited by G4, uphold our commitment to ethical game design and to introduce in-venue Information Pods where players are able to access safer gambling help and advice.

“I believe the SR report demonstrates how it is possible to be both a successful commercial enterprise and a good corporate citizen.”

The MERKUR UK Sustainability Report which is titled ‘Investing in the High Street, Revitalising Local Economies’ is being distributed to all MPs who have MERKUR Slots or MERKUR Bingo venues in their constituencies, to DCMS, the Gambling Commission, GambleAware, the Shadow Minister for Gambling as well as to Local Authority Licensing and Planning Officers.